Our History

The beginning

In 1958 Mr. Jimmy Pérez (Father of Renato and Julián Pérez, current owners of the hotel) arrived in Galapagos, but At 12 years old he was sent to live in the United States. He later returned to his native country and was invited to spend 3 weeks on a fishing boat, soaring the islands’ waves. He accepted the invitation and thus began the journey through the Enchanted Islands that would later change his life.

The house

The tranquility, peace, nature and exotic landscapes made Don Jimmy fall in love with the place and extend his stay on Santa Cruz Island, to such an extent that he decided to buy a piece of land facing the sea in the area known as Pelican Bay.

Despite the poor infrastructure and labor shortage, the years went by and the cabin remained busy, with some friends and even visitors, who decided to stay with him because of his well-known kindness and top-notch location.

The first hotel

Don Jimmy, noticing that bit by bit the natural beauty of the place and his hospitality began gaining prestige, decided to add more cabins facing the sea, creating with time and effort, what would later be known as Hotel Solymar.

The dream

Years went by and the expectations of the visitors and their demands changed. This is why the Perez Family decided to put to rest the first Hotel Solymar and build a new structure. For 50 years, the previous building had provided impeccable service and unforgettable experiences.

With the owners all the wiser and heightening the strengths of the place, it was decided the new building would make up a hotel of 17 comfortable and modern rooms, surrounded by an unmatchable fauna, beautiful landscape, and with the concept of conservation as a priority.

The new Solymar Hotel

On the 2nd of January, the old hotel’s demolition began, and 8 days later the area was primed to begin construction. On the 7th of December, the new Hotel Solymar was inaugurated.

The Isla Sol tower

Almost 5 years later, with work, effort and enthusiasm, the Isla Sol tower opened at the end of July 2011 with 4 floors, 14 rooms and a large event venue.

Be part of our history, you are invited to live the Solymar experience

Visit our natural paradise and reconnect with nature

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